Siikakartano Estate, Restaurant by order

Situated by the Torne river. Here you will find two restaurant halls and a sauna. Seats for 64 persons.

Siikakartano Estate is a perfect venue for birthdays, wedding or company parties and meetings.

The Siikakartano Estate Sauna has an IKI-stove. That incomparable sauna experience is characterized by wealth of oxygen. The uniqueness of the IKI-sauna experience is based on the vast amount of stones used in our sauna stoves and heaters. The large stone mass makes for a gentle and humid steam with plenty of oxygen in the air.

IKI wood-burning-stoves operating principle: when the mass of stones is fully heated the air in the sauna maintains a comfortable temperature of 50 - 70 degrees Celsius. Throwing water on the hot stones creates a luxurious steam that momentarily increases both humidity and temperature. This way you won’t run out of oxygen and it is comfortable to stay in the sauna for a long time.

The unique open structure of the stove: the large mass of stones surrounded by a stainless steel mesh frame allows the sauna-goer to control the heat in the sauna. Throwing water directly on the top of the pillar of stones creates very hot steam that guarantees a vigorously cleansing bath purifying both body and soul. However, the sides of the pillar give out a much more gentle steam, resulting in a relaxing and nurturing bathing experience.


Introduction to sweat baths, the Finnish name SAUNA.

Through the ages people have taken sauna (sweat baths) in different forms and for different purposes:

cleansing the body 
social life
religious ceremonies 
healing illnesses

With sauna, we understand exposure of the body to a high enough temperature for a long enough time so that the body starts to perspire. Through perspiration, the skin cleanses itself of impurities, and the heat that causes the body to sweat relaxes the muscles and consequently relieves muscular aches and pains. This is the idea behind sauna in a nutshell.

Briefly thinking that any form of habitual sauna requires two things:

the need and desire to bathe and 
resources (firewood, water, etc.) to make bathing possible.

It is generally believed that these conditions can become true only when a group of people or a tribe settles down and starts to cultivate the land. Among people getting their living from hunting and fishing sauna are not found. The hard work required in agriculture creates the need, and ample sources of wood and water provide the means. A third contributing factor could be added to the two above: a cold climate, at least part of the year. Therefore, it seems fair to assume that most of the natives once inhabiting the wooded areas of Europe, northern Asia, North and South America have used sweat bathing in one form or another.

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