Whitefish grilling - a tradition in Kukkola village

The whitefish is ready to be grilled on the open fire in the whitefish hut. We follow the fisherman when he is preparing the fish, he is telling us stories from the village and about the fish. When the fish has been grilled on both sides, we will put it in salt water and this salt water is the only spice that this fish needs. Once your fish is ready, you can enjoy it straight from the fire. The taste will amaze you!.

Availability:   from May- to October
Duration:       120 - 160 minutes.
Group size:   a minimum 10 person.
Price:             Whitefish grilling program and whitefish dinner 38 € / person.
Whitefish grilling program with 3-course whitefish dinner  70 € / person.
Menu ; starter -reindeer or mushroom-soup, main course - grilled whitefish, and dessert is cake.

More information and booking:

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